Limited & Unlimited Plans


Limited Package

Tired of hefty bills taking out large chunks out of your budget...
bees- Starter and bees-Upgrade are two limited packages for the self-controlling customers with stringent budgets
* Upon exceeding your quota, the bandwidth will be shaped to 64 Kbps at a rate of 50 cents per MB until your next recharge or until the next billing period.
** Prices are inclusive of VAT and rental charges.

An unexpected boost in internet usage? Not an issue...
You can recharge your account through our selfcare portal using your account log-in and password.
We have got a large selection of top-up plans to satisfy the needs of each and every subscriber

Unlimited Packages

If you are a looking for the ultimate solution for your download problems, grab the opportunity to feel limitless speed of fibre optic connectivity of up to 10 Mbps and get started with the unlimited packages bees Performance, bees Premium & bees Extreme.
** Offers are inclusive of VAT and Rental charges.